Advanced Capacity and Demand Management for European Network Performance Optimization

Final CADENZA Stakeholder Workshop

In this final stakeholder workshop, the CADENZA team will present the different elements of the novel capacity-demand balancing concept as well as results from a large scale case study, showing amongst others significant reductions in delay but also reduced CO2 emissions.

The workshop will take place at Eurocontrol, Rue de la Fusée 96, 1130 Brussels, Belgium. It starts at 10 am and will close at 4 pm. In addition to presentations from the CADENZA team members, experts representing airspace users as well as capacity providers will share their thoughts on making ATM in Europe more efficient and sustainable, with a generous slot planned for an interactive session. The final agenda will be published here soon.

This will be an interesting workshop for all stakeholders in the ATM industry (airlines, air navigation service providers, Network Manager, airports) as well as for policy makers and academics interested in innovative modelling approaches.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge and there will be a complimentary lunch. However, the CADENZA project does not cover travel and accommodation expenses for participants.

Due to organizational reasons and limited capacity, registration is mandatory. Please register here.

Project mission

CADENZA aims at developing a detailed trajectory broker concept for the European network, incorporating advanced demand-capacity balancing mechanisms. It builds upon the findings of the 2019 Jane’s-ATC-Innovation-award-winning SESAR Exploratory Research project COCTA, as well as upon latest industry developments. The trajectory broker will balance capacity and demand through a coordinated capacity provision process and collaborative trajectory management (including a novel trajectory charging scheme).

CADENZA covers all areas of capacity provision (en-route, terminal area, and airport) as well as all temporal levels (strategic, pre-tactical and tactical). Based on previous research we expect significant improvements in cost-efficiency as well as positive impacts on other key performance indicators, especially delays. The CADENZA concept will be thoroughly validated, using mathematical models and comprehensive real-world data. Sensitivity analysis will incorporate non-nominal conditions as well as different assumptions with respect to the overall air traffic management framework, e.g., different levels of flexibility in capacity provision.

Moreover, a high degree of stakeholder involvement–including an industry expert panel and stakeholder workshops–ensures practical relevance.

Research Workshop Single European Sky and Resilience in ATM, Sofia

The CADENZA team will present the paper "Network-oriented planning of cross-border capacity provision to increease resilience and improve performance" at Research Workshop Single European Sky and Resilience in ATM, which will be held from 15-16 September in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Best paper award at the International Conference on Research in Air Transportation 2022 in Florida

The paper “Rostering practices and ATCO productivity in Area Control Centres”, authored by Goran Pavlović, Radosav Jovanović and Milan Stanojević, and presented by Goran Pavlović, was awarded as the best paper in the "Human performance" track at the 10th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT 2022) in Tampa, Florida.